It's time to take stockings and tights
 In my youth I was fond fragrant prose of Mikhail Lermontov. I still remember how I was fascinated description leg of the heroine, in which mention was made of thin translucent skin through the branches of blue veins. It was only much later that I realized what this beauty face girl described. Yes, I am about varicose veins.

According to statistics, it suffers every other woman on the planet, and one in ten men. The saddest thing is that the disease catches up with people in the prime of beauty and performance - up to 40 years.

The word "varicose" is translated from Latin as swelling, node. Varicose leg   affects the veins that carry blood to the heart, the veins lose their elasticity, and the vein walls become thinner, and the gaps in the vessels increases.

The disease is not new, is it mentioned in the Bible, we know that suffering from varicose veins in ancient Egypt and ancient Greece. So during excavations in Egypt, the mummy was discovered with signs of varicose veins, related to 1595-1580 years BC Hippocrates, Galen, Paracelsus, Avicenna attempted to alleviate the plight of his patients, but often they did not succeed ... Many scholars are inclined to think that varicose veins - the human cost of bipedalism.

Causes of varicose veins

- Most varicose inherited.

- Every third women it occurs during pregnancy.

- The risk of varicose veins are the people conducting a lot of time on their feet, or on the contrary, those who sit a lot, such as office workers.

- Wearing high heels, poor diet, excess weight also contribute to the emergence and progression of varicose veins.

- Harmful as lifting and carrying heavy loads than the fact we women often sin, whether it be jogging after work, shopping or work in the country.

 It's time to take stockings and tights

One of the oldest bells that should alert is tired legs, swelling, feeling of heaviness, fullness, burning sensation of the legs, cramps, pain in the calves when walking. Later on the legs there are small "stars" and tread subcutaneous veins become purple-blue color.

By itself, varicose veins on the face is not harmful, but spoils the aesthetic beauty of the feet, but if you run it, the progression of the disease can lead to eczema and ulcers, and disability.

Therefore, at the first appearance of alarms is to see a doctor.

Now varices are treated by different methods.

- Neglect of varicose disease is treated surgically, it is simply removed diseased veins.

- Very popular sclerotherapy where the vein as if glued by special trains.

- Not running varices treated by conservative methods, that is, medication, physical therapy and medical jersey.

 It's time to take stockings and tights

How to help yourself

- Mandatory course, hygiene legs. In the summer, it does not expose patients to intensive solar radiation legs.

- It is recommended not to sit or stand in one position for a long time, do not use the elevator and taking the stairs, walking at least an hour a day. Do not gain weight, eat right, drink at least 2 liters of water a day.

- The disease is much easier regular light Gymnastics feet . For example, rise on your toes so that your heels off the floor to 1cm, and slumped. Start with 10 times, bring to 20 break 20 seconds and repeat.
Or this exercise: Lie on your back, raise your right leg to hold it in the air, shake it in the air. Lower. The same with the other leg. 10 times each.

- There are also Common treatments for varicose veins . Some of them.

  • Apple vinegar . 1 teaspoon to 1 cup of boiled water. Drink 3 cups a day. For rubbing: 1 teaspoon to ½ cup of water. The solution and rub the dilated veins in the morning and before bedtime.

  • Uliginose.   100g. dried herbs to brew in a glass-lined bucket with 5 liters of boiling water, cover and leave for 8-10 hours. Use for night bathing. Bath temperature 37 to 20 minutes duration.

  • Fresh celery leaves   chop and mix with vegetable oil. Applying the sick feet.

  • Kalanchoe pinnate.   Wash and dry the leaves, chop, and fill them half-liter bottle half, top to pour vodka, cork and insist in a dark place 7 days, shaking occasionally. Strain and rub the tincture daily legs from foot and moving to the shins and above. Healers claim that this way you can recover from varicose veins, however, have to be treated for 3-4 months without a break.

  • Potatoes.   It helps not only in the veins, but even formed ulcers. Wash the tubers, peel, grate and liberally apply weight on the sore spot in a layer of about 1 cm. On top lay a few layers of gauze and leave for 4-5 hours, then moisten the gauze with fresh potato juice.

  • For ease aching legs alternately rinsed with cold and warm water, do sit-warm bath.

  • It helps nightly rubbing essential oils of rosemary, fir, lemon and light massage.

  • Wiping feet pieces of ice from broth chamomile, sage, peppermint, bark oak.

Better, of course, follow the legs from a very young age, only to hide them from the cold, but certainly not from the admiring eyes of men.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva