Sex and the City
 In view of the series of the same name, we still sometimes have the time, but on the process, which tell captivating heroine, not always.

Since that time appeared in our lexicon the term "STP" (technological progress), and the work began to occupy most of his life srednestaticheskogo inhabitant of planet Earth, not on sex it is not just any time, but also the desire. Virtual Sex replaces the real, are becoming the norm, "white" marriages, and once pleasant experience - routine.

Nevertheless, thanks to the regular life of a bed, a woman becomes more attractive, less sick, and even increased the duration of its life.

How to solve the problem, so that "the sheep are safe and fed the wolf," and from the words of her husband, "can fool around? "You do not throw in the willies?

 Sex and the City
   Sexologists recommend first of all start with yourself. Postpone duty moms and housewives on then, and today become a goddess. Relax, buy a favorite chocolate, prepare a light dinner, it was easy, because after the soup and cutlets favorite will pull only a dream. Take a shower, preferably together and realize the secret desires in life.

 Sex and the City
   Of course, to hold such a celebration of life, you can not as often as you'd like. But the monotony of even the most delicious kills. Because the candles and romantic music can be replaced by fast sex on the desk during the cleaning, or erotic massage.

And when these guidelines do not help, and too lazy to walk and your shadow, then is the time to listen to advice of experts .

1. It is necessary to take a break.   Avoid close for a week. And then, remembering the beginning of your romantic relationships, share memories about the first kiss, the first close.

A 5 minute violence replace the study of the body of the partner, and after only a few sessions tactile experiment can move on to more serious matters.

 Sex and the City
 2. voice their desires.   Lunchtime call loved and recognize their feelings, after dinner, whisper in your ear about how bored and before sex tell us about what you would like.

How to find out the man about how you like the most, if you yourself are afraid to admit it. Puritanism in bed is in the past, and every man dreams not only of a good hostess, but also delightful mistress.

3. Take an intimate charging.   To support sexual shape and strengthen muscles recommend simple exercises:

- Squeeze the muscles of the vagina and slowly count to three. Relax your muscles.

- Tighten the muscles, hold them in this position for 5-20 seconds, then slowly relax.

- Tense and relax the muscles as quickly as possible.

Do 10 times each exercise 4-5 times a day.

 Sex and the City
 4. The exercise, sleep and proper nutrition.   On these three pillars is good health, a healthy nervous system and unforgettable sex.

And if you value your partner, do not forget, at least occasionally, at least once a week, for dinner he submit himself with sweet sauce desires.
Author: Tanya Grab