How to overcome winter fatigue
 I wonder who swallowed the sun? Not yet ... Crocodile Winter and clouds. But that does not help. You want to wake up in the winter, when the window is dark and cold? Probably not. But who asked about our wishes. Still have to get up and, despite the lack of energy, someone to work, someone to learn.

Most of us wakes up in the wake-up call, someone wake pets. For example, my cat does not like it, if I do not wake up in the allotted time, and do not feed it. At first, he sticks his nose in my ear and begins to purr hard, if that does not work, then touched the hand paw with claws. In general, he did not zabaluesh. So I get out from under the blanket, sipped and delirium in the kitchen ...

Wake finally someone makes a cup of green tea, someone - coffee, someone - a contrast shower. By the way, coffee is better to vigorous, it is recommended to fill up a little ground cinnamon. A good aid to raise the tone and the mood becomes golden root, ginseng, Aralia, lemongrass ...

Feel good helping items, painted in sunny colors - golden yellow tea set, orange curtains, bright lighting. It gives vitality and improves mood and bright indoor clothing and, if possible, and work. Down faded robes and worn sneakers.

And yet plant geranium   on the window. Its fragrance has a truly magical effect of keeping in shape and gives optimism. You can rub the special leaf and inhale the smell.

Tones and lemon, cut into wedges or slices and spread out on a plate, one eaten for breakfast or half a grapefruit tangerine.

Most are the benefits of breakfast eaten on a slice of black bread with cheese, scrambled eggs or a simple Russian porridge.

You can, of course, and refined by making himself a French or American Salad beauty . To do this, soaked oatmeal with water in the evening or in the morning, as you like. Add the milk, honey, walnuts or hazelnuts. You can add grated apple.

At lunch cheer, adds mood and energy dark chocolate, a glass of carrot juice, 1 sour apple, celery root, grated on a grater and seasoned sour cream or yogurt, potatoes, boiled in their skins, lettuce leaf lettuce.

For dinner, eat a good piece of fish or chicken with vegetable salad, and at night to drink chamomile tea with a spoon of honey or a glass of warm milk.

Helps fight depression and fatigue in the winter baths   with the addition of herbs such as lemon balm, chamomile, marjoram, peppermint. Soothing bath with valerian. Invigorates bath with a cup of strong tea.

 How to overcome winter fatigue

And in general, do not take on a bunch of things. If not in the mood, the general cleaning could wait. If you have something planned in advance of do not have time to do, do not punish yourself and never punish yourself. It is better to encourage and praise for every deal made, success in anything. You are at one. And first of all necessary to take care of himself, his state of health. Do not attach importance to small studs in his address, just think back on their return address. Ignore the carping and comments of people you do not respect, just imagine what these people disappeared.

Do not slouch at your desk. And when you go, do not dragging their feet, imagine that you have grown wings, and you sort of hovering above the ground.

And yet, allow yourself to dream ! On the summer, on the sea of ​​love somewhere in Hawaii or any other place that you like. Psychologists say that a vivid part of the dream is peculiar implemented.

 How to overcome winter fatigue

And yet, do not sit locked up in a weekend. Walking out energized the entire working week. And do not forget to take a husband, children, four-legged friends, and the two-legged friends, and all whom you want.

And in imagination, in his inner screen, always keep the bright sun, a pop-up in the east, and throw the rest of your life joyful light of love, energy and happiness.
Author: Natalia Alexeeva